In conversation with Kaya Joan:

 Kaya Joan shares insights into their unique artistic journey, detailing the evolution of their style and the vast creative influences that have shaped their work.The conversation broadens to explore the profound connection between art, creativity, personal growth, as well as highlighting the transformative power of artistic expression in fostering individual development. Kaya Joan candidly discusses the challenges of art making, emphasizing the importance of balance and self-care, particularly within the context of being a Two-Spirit Indigenous artist.

A significant aspect of the interview delves into the intersection of art and identity, unpaid labor, and community, providing a nuanced perspective on the experiences of emerging Indigenous artists in Toronto. Kaya Joan sheds light on the complexities of navigating these elements within the artistic landscape. Joan reflects on the themes of art, joy, and community in Toronto, emphasizing the vibrant and supportive artistic environment that contributes to their own creative journey. The discussion then delves into the crucial role of mentorship, especially within the context of Indigenous queer artists, exploring the impact of guidance and support in shaping artistic identity and building trust and reciprocity.

The conversation concludes with a profound exploration of Indigenous art, language, and culture, as Kaya Joan shares their perspectives on preserving culture through their artistic practice. The interview stands as a testament to the rich and diverse experiences of Indigenous queer artists, offering a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of their identities and the profound connections between art and community.

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