Natalie King, through her extensive interviews with prominent and significant Indigiqueer artists, filmmakers, composers, and entrepreneurs such as Fallon Simard, Jeremy Dutcher, Samay Arcentales Cajas, Theo Jean Cuthand and Kaya Joan. King has created an interview series and with the presentation of this website 'a field of sovereign blooms.' This online platform is a presentation of the research King has done for her curatorial fellowship with Gallery TPW delving into the histories of queer Indigenous artists and their profound impact on Toronto. The culmination of this research reflects King's multifaceted approach, incorporating kinship practices, painting, archival exploration, and knowledge sharing. 'a field of sovereign blooms' serves as an online resource that intricately weaves together past and present histories, offering a glimpse into the future of 2SLGTBQ Indigenous artists.

The central themes of the interview series and fellowship explores how joy has shaped the collective and varied practices of 2SLGBTQ+ Indigenous artists and cultural workers in Toronto. It prompts reflection on the city's role in creating and nurturing spaces for queer Indigenous individuals, examining the support systems in place and addressing instances of both support and lack thereof.

As a recipient of the Curatorial Research Fellowship for Gallery TPW in 2023, King brings her  vision to fruition in 'a field of sovereign blooms’ provides  a platform that bridges past histories with future possibilities.

'a field of sovereign blooms' was created as part of Natalie King’s Curatorial Research Fellowship for Gallery TPW in 2023. This website was created and designed by Natalie King.

‘’tapestry of strength’, Natalie King, 2023

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