In conversation with Fallon Simard:

Natalie King and Fallon Simard delve into the intersections of Queer Indigenous art practices in Toronto. Simard shares his artistic journey and creative process, offering insights into the complexities of weaving identity and policy into his craft, as well as memes and their role in Simards practice. 

King and Simard explore the relationship between art, doing your taxes, and what organizational strategies are crucial for emerging artists navigating the art world. Reflecting on mentorship, masculinity, and art, Simard sheds light on the transformative power of guidance in shaping both artistic expression and personal growth.

Simard's discourse expands to encompass a crucial dialogue surrounding mental health within the art community, emphasizing the importance of joy as an integral part of the creative process. With a focus on Indigenous humor, and the influence of policy on art practice, Simard articulates the profound impact of cultural teachings on his work.

Navigating the delicate balance between art practice, mentorship, and personal well-being, Simard shares the invaluable role of support systems for queer Indigenous artists. The interview concludes with a poignant exploration of Indigenous teachings, art, and design, underscoring the rich tapestry of identity that informs and elevates the work of artists like Fallon Simard in the dynamic landscape of contemporary art.

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- Chiefs of Ontario

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